Welcome to Between the Gridlines (BtG), a blog dedicated to providing you with useful spreadsheet tips & tricks, higher-level applications, other topics of interest, and a quirky sense of humor which we’re sure you will love enjoy tolerate.

BtG’s main objective is to offer exposure and insight into a wide variety of tools and processes to improve the quality of your spreadsheet-based applications.

  • By offering frequent posts on spreadsheet-related topics such as Excel, VBA, professional best practices, financial math, and statistics, users can learn how to improve and apply their skills.
  • Starting with a clean slate can be intimidating.  By providing custom-made applications for downloading, users can learn hands-on what goes into a professional grade spreadsheet tool.  I believe the best way to learn is to build off something you already understand.
  • For the visual learners, I am proud to offer my collection of screencasts.  This will show how to implement specific techniques in an easy to follow, step-by-step video.

I chose the blog format to embrace the community spirit that is associated with weblogs.  Giving those who are seeking help an opportunity to ask follow-up questions on certain topics, offer constructive criticism, and praise the genius that is BtG can only strengthen the value of this website.  In addition to the help-seeking users, there are many talented Excel developers out there.  I enthusiastically invite all of you “Excel junkies” to share your thoughts, approaches, and scripts as well! 

With that said, I am very excited to offer my very best to all of you.  I hope that my tips, tools, and commitment to a slightly broader education make your day-to-day experience with spreadsheets easier.

Happy Spreadsheeting!


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